Squirrel poison antifreeze


Squirrel poison antifreeze >>>

























squirrel poison antifreeze

Is someone poisoning our squirrels? | Ask MetaFilter 16 Nov 2008 When a squirrel dies from poison, it is exactly as you described. .... Antifreeze is like crack for animals, and just as lethal.

squirrels - Fruit & Orchards Forum - GardenWeb 49 posts - 16 authorsBrandon, there is no law I could find making poisoning of squirrels by *any* means illegal, whether it is bonbons, antifreeze, or rat poison.

Random Thoughts: The Squirrel: My Nemesis I want to poison this squirrel that has taken over my life in a bad way! Anti-freeze and peanut butter? how much? does this work? anyone know?

Was It Rat Bait? Or Anti-Freeze? | New Haven Independent 19 May 2010 Two initial suspects: d-CON baits or antifreeze put in a areas could indicate that the squirrels have been poisoned by rat bait (d-CON

WritersWeekly.com :: View topic - Poison prevention - how do YOU ... 7 posts - 6 authors - Last post: 30 Jan 2006Cats and anti-freeze? Hear those stories all of the time. old lady who claims to have put the stuff out in dishes to poison squirrels.

PETroglyphs CANINE CORNER -- A True Antifreeze Poisoning Story 13 Oct 2009 critters who might have gotten poisoned birds, squirrels, coyotes, foxes, perhaps bears. Died from antifreeze poisoning October 2000

Best poision to kill squirrels? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers 8 Apr 2009 They isn't currently a squirrel poison on the market for the DIY amature a nice bowl of antifreeze by the entracne should do the trick!

Squirrel Poison | Reference.com The best way I have found to poison a pesky squirrel is to place nuts at the base of a tree with antifreeze on them. You will notice after a while...see


squirrel poison antifreeze


Central District News | News | Reader report: someone poisoning ... 1 Jul 2010 Antifreeze. That's what most idiots use to kill squirrels and rats. I'm proud to say I POISON squirrels. I have been poisoning squirrels How do lanarkshire town iron and steel industry I get the squirrels pumpkin decorating michelin man out of my attic? - April 2008 Birth sirloin tip roast, recipe ... The antifreeze idea is a good one too, but squirrels are so sirloin tip roast, recipe cute pumpkin decorating michelin man I'd hate to and using some sort of poison that's supposed to make them thirsty so they